Diathermy units and argon gas enhanced diathermy units for major surgery

Diathermy units and argon gas enhanced diathermy units for major surgery

Ease of use for advanced surgery.


The EXCELL NHP are Electrosurgical Units for high surgery that have been conceived following the philosophy of immediate comprehension and easy accessibility to all the modes of use and regulation. They are also equipped with many functions that allow each operator to choose and carry out the most appropriate type of functioning according to each specific need.  

These Units are available in five different models.

The models EXCELL NHP 400/D, EXCELL NHP 350/D, EXCELL NHP 250/D are intended for electro-surgery, whereas the models EXCELL NHP 400/DA and EXCELL NHP 250/DA are both for electro-surgery and electro-surgery with Argon gas, as they have all the functions for this second type of application, and as a consequence, they are easier to use.


Differently from the basic Series EXCELL MCDSe, all the above mentioned models are equipped with 2 bipolar outputs, some currents with constant voltage, the bipolar current for Sealing of  7mm diameter vessels, 99 memories/programs complete with their functioning, among which some are pre-set for general surgery or laparoscopy, endoscopic surgery under liquid, flexible endoscopic surgery, the bipolar use only. In the models with integrated Argon gas module, the surgeon can find the programs for the use in general surgery or laparoscopy as well as those for flexible endoscopy with or without Argon gas. 

Thanks to the possibilities offered by the most recent micro-processors, all electrosurgical units have been designed according to a “manufacturing philosophy” which privileges the easy and immediate comprehension of all the usage/regulation modes, and at the same time guarantees a wide range of performances, an absolute reproducibility and functioning personalization, as well as a maximum safety and reliability.

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