Electrosurgical units for monopolar and bipolar use

Electrosurgical unit for small and medium surgery

5 models for very high performance.



It is the basic model for monopolar/bipolar use, has a max output power of 80W, can be used only by setting a single foot-switch and it is suitable for general surgery, ORL, dermatology, dental surgery.


It is the same as the model SU 50-MPC but, having a max output power of 100W, it is able to meet every surgical need, including gynaecology and plastic surgery. This model is also suitable for fulguration in the bladder under liquid.


 It has a maximum output power of 140W and it is more complete as far as its usage. In fact it can be used not only by the foot-switch but also by the hand-switch (cutting/coagulating) pencil.


It is the most complete model of series. It has a maximum output power of 160W, it can be used with a hand-switch pencil, and it has a technical feature not in common with the units for minor surgery. In fact it is equipped with a double foot-switch for the activation of cutting and coagulation and therefore it results not only the most complete and functional answer for all the above-mentioned needs but even the ideal solution for the first aid, the gastroenterology, etc.


It is the model for bipolar use for cutting or coagulation with a max output power of 120W. It is activated by a double foot-switch and it has 2 separate controls, complete of specific display, for the setting of cutting and coagulation powers.

The ALSATOM SU MPC are a new generation of electrosurgical units developed using the digital technology with control system by microprocessor, the latest today available for this kind of devices and the only one able to guarantee both performances really suitable to the actual surgical needs and the very high levels of safety, today compulsory according to the latest safety standard for this type of devices.

The ALSATOM SU MPC series is composed by 5 models, 4 for monopolar/bipolar use, 1 for bipolar use only.

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