In the framework of the Regional Project “Fighting Oncological Diseases” of the National Healthcare Project, 158,670,500.00 rubles were allocated to the Yakutsk Oncology Center this year and recently a video-endoscopic system for performing urological operations has been received. Today the oncologists have performed the first organ-preserving surgery for kidney cancer using this equipment.

The endovideoscopic system for gynecological operations in the Department of Oncogynecology is also expected.

Leznev Vladimir Nikolaevich, head of the department of thoracic-abdominal surgery, said: “Thanks to state support, the specialized oncological service started to be equipped with the most powerful modern medical equipment. Notably, today the Oncology Center is equipped with operational monitors, anesthesia-respiratory devices, shadowless surgical ceiling lamps and such unique equipment as radiofrequency thermoablation apparatus and a video system for performing urological operations. Our doctors constantly attend advanced training courses for successful work on modern surgical equipment. We hope that as a result of the implementation of the National Project, the oncological service of the republic will rise to a new level of specialized medical care, thus increasing the accessibility and quality of its provision for the population”.

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