The equipments of the series Excell MCDSe System are electrosurgical units for major surgery, suitable for all operations where the monopolar and the bipolar techniques are used, as well as the monopolar mode with the Argon gas flow. The units are available in 5 different models.The models 400 MCDSe, 350 MCDSe, 250 MCDSe, and 200 MCDSe are indicated for electrosurgery. By the contrary, the model 400/A MCDSe is suitable both for electrosurgery and electrosurgery with Argon gas. It is equipped with all the necessary functions for this type of application.AUTO-CHECK AND SELF-REGULATION OF OUTPUTPOWERS MCDSE SYSTEMA new system with double microprocessor Master Sleeve System ensures a wide range of functions and performances at a very high level.Auto-Check: complete auto-control of the functioning, through:• Main Auto-Check, main auto-diagnosis procedure at the switchingon and Standard Auto-Check, continuous auto-diagnosis during the functioning.• General Error Control and Output Error Control: the auto-check systems interrupt the functioning and inform the operators through specific Error Codes in case of damages or errors in the functioning/ switching on, or in case of problems that could provoke a sudden delivery of power, which is higher than the selected one. ADC System-constant power e Starting Impulse Control. All the currents are automatically and dynamically self-regulated, according to a continuous feed-back between the unit and the tissues on which the operator intervenes, and according to the electrode used and its rapidity of sliding on the tissues themselves.All the cutting currents are characterized by a starting pulse, which is controlled and automatically optimized to obtain the maximum efficacy.These two systems guarantee the best results in all the operating fields, by using the minimum possible power (the interventions under liquid included).10 PROGRAMMABLE MEMORIESThe MCDSe models have the possibility to memorize 10 functioning programs that are selectable through a simple button. In this way, the different performances can be personalized and then reproduced.HIGH FREQUENCY LEAKAGE CURRENTSCONTROL CIRCUITA specific circuit verifies that the HF leakage currents to hearth always remain within the safety limits, in order to avoid all risks of burns, even in dangerous situations like the contact between thepatient and a small part of the operating table.SAFETY CIRCUIT OF THE NEUTRAL ELECTRODE NPCC SYSTEMThe safety circuit of the neutral electrode guarantees its complete control.With the twin section electrodes Split type, it fully checks the connection and the quality of the contact between the electrode andthe patients’ tissues.If the contact is not optimum (approx. 80% of a standard electrode for adults), it gives the first luminous indication. If the contact decreasesto approx. 50% of a standard electrode for adults, it gives another luminous indication, and automatically reduces the power at a safety level of 200 W. If the contact is dangerous or the electrode cable isbroken / not connected at all, it interrupts the delivery of the power, through a luminous and acoustic alarm. With the one single section electrodes Non Split type, it only controls if the cable is integral and correctly connected.PRACTICALNESS AND EASINESSOn the front panel, which is completely smooth and easily washable, there are all the control devices with selection buttons for the functions and adjustable buttons for the powers; there are also luminousactivation signals or alarm signals, as well as the powers control displays. The outputs are characterized by luminous indications that light up according to the usage modes that have been selected, in order to favour the connection and the activation of the accessories.GREAT RELIABILITY, TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND TECHNOLOGICAL EVOLUTIONThe Excell MCDSe models have been designed with interchangeable boards, and they are equipped with a new generator RF MosfetPowered Damped Oscillator with alimentation device switching that does not cause any problem of heating; the test procedures also include a “stress test” of 100 hours of functioning at max. power.The Auto-Check systems memorize the last 32 Error Codes for the future controls, while the functioning and the auto-check softwares can be easily updated, through a serial port for a connection to a PC.WIDE RANGE OF CURRENTS AND PERFORMANCESAll the Excell models are equipped with 13 currents to satisfy all possible operating needs; these currents become 14 into the model 400/A MCDSe.Four for the monopolar cut, with sinusoidal wave, which can be used even with the Argon gas flow into the model 400/A MCDSe in order to reduce the smokes and the smells. They ensure the maximum rapidity and precision in all the operating fields, the procedure under liquid included.• Pure: Pure cut without any coagulating effect.• Blend 1: Coagulating cut with normal haemostatic effect. The two currents are characterized by special self-regulation softwares, which are particularly useful for the TUR interventions, the vaporisation, etc.• Blend 2: Coagulating cut, with strong haemostatic effect, spray type.• Endo: Coagulating cut, with cut phases alternated to coagulation phases and a special self-regulation software for its usage in flexible endoscopy. Four for the monopolar coagulation, which allow to obtain different coagulation effects.• Soft: Very delicate, with soft superficial effect and strong deep action.• Fulg Forced: With strong superficial and deep effect.• Pin Point Contact: Similar to the previous one, but softer.• Spray: Without any contact and with a very strong superficial effect. One for the Argon gas coagulation, into the model 400/A MCDSe.This current consists of a special coagulation without any contact, which can be obtained by combining the spray coagulation with an Argon gas flow through specific electrodes that guarantee a very rapid superficial effect, a very small deep action (3mm max.), an absolute absence of the sticking effect of the electrode on the tissues, and a minimum risk of perforation. Two for the bipolar cut, which allow to use this technique with scissors, hooks for laparoscopy, etc.• Pure: Pure cut with minimum coagulating effect.• Blend: Coagulating cut with strong coagulating effect. Three for the bipolar coagulation.• Micro: Very delicate, Micro Precise type, with a minimum sticking effect of the tissues on the tips of the forceps.• Micro Auto: The same as Micro, but with Impedance Sensing automatic Auto Start / Auto Stop device.• Macro: Standard type, which is very rapid and efficacious, ideal for forceps with bigger section (i.e. laparoscopy).TWO MONOPOLAR AND ONE BIPOLAR OUTPUTSThe two monopolar outputs, which can be used at the same time by two different operators, can be activated by three modes:• Both of them by the hand-switch electrodes holder handles, both of them by the double pedal foot-switch or one by the hand-switchs and one by the double pedal foot-switch. Into the model 400/A MCDSe, when also the functioning with Argon gas is selected, the outputs are activated alternatively:• Both of them by the hand-switch electrodes holder handles or both of them by the double pedal foot-switch, one for the norma electrosurgery and one for the Argon gas enhanced electrosurgery. The bipolar output, which can be used independently and at the same time as the monopolar ones, can be activated by two modes:• For the cut or the coagulation, by the double pedal foot-switch.• For the coagulation, by selecting the current Micro Auto with Impedance Sensing automatic Auto Start / Auto Stop device with Start Delay adjustable from 0 to 5sec. This represents a very useful system, which allows obtaining coagulation by the hand-switch activation without using any special forceps.THE PEDAL FOOT-SWITCHESThe Excell units can be used by one double foot-switch pedal for the activation of the monopolar or bipolar functions and by two double foot-switch pedals, one for the monopolar functions and the other for the bipolar functions.ELIMINATION AND FILTERING OF THE ELECTROSURGICAL SMOKESIn order to eliminate the bacterial/viral contamination, the Excell units can be used together with electrosurgical smoke evacuators, which are equipped with suction functions expressly studied for the laparoscopic procedures and for solving the problem of a perfect visual field while operating.