Electrosurgical units for high surgery

Thanks to the possibilities offered by the most recent micro-processors, all electrosurgical units have been designed according to a “manufacturing philosophy” which privileges the easy and immediate comprehension of all the usage/regulation modes, and at the same time guarantees a wide range of performances, an absolute reproducibility and functioning personalization, as well as a maximum safety and reliability.

Electrosurgical units for small and medium surgery

The ALSATOM SU MPC are a new generation of electrosurgical units developed using the digital technology with control system by microprocessor, the latest today available for this kind of devices and the only one able to guarantee both performances really suitable to the actual surgical needs and the very high levels of safety, today compulsory according to the latest safety standard for this type of devices.

The ALSATOM SU MPC series is composed by 5 models, 4 for monopolar/bipolar use, 1 for bipolar use only

Suction units for high surgery

The series of suction units POLIVAC B4/SLT allow the final user to meet all his needs. All the models, characterized by high vacuum/high flow suction pumps and high suction speed, are very quite.
They have many common characteristics, but different suction group and standard accessories.

Suction units for small and medium surgery

The series of suction units VORTEX-S AS-200 and VORTECO AS-100 consist of various models, which can satisfy every possible need in the field of small and medium surgery, including small operating rooms and Vacuum-extraction procedures.

The VACUMSOL series is composed by three small portable suction units for minor surgery that differ each other in their working and suction power. They are suitable for all possible applications: at home after tracheotomy, for neonatal aspiration, in hospital ward.

Smoke evacuators

The CS smoke evacuators are innovative suction units, with new characteristics, which have been designed to evacuate and filter the smoke produced during all the electro-surgical procedures, by eliminating the bad smells or the bacteriological risks, and by solving the very common problem of the visual field during the laparoscopic procedures.

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