The new ALSATOM SU-MPC series is composed of intuitive Electrosurgical Units, with very high performances. They have both standard and pulsed currents, which can minimize the thermal effects into the tissues and reduce the harmful smokes, which are produced by all the Electrosurgical Units. By setting these currents, the operators can perform very fine cuts, very similar to the ones obtained with Radio Frequency units, as well as very delicate coagulations, which cannot be reached in any other way. Moreover, these new Electrosurgical Units are provided with a current for Micro -Coagulation, which allows delivering single pulses from 0.1sec to 1sec.  There are 5 available models: • 4 for the Monopolar and Bipolar use, and the Monopolar use under liquid with mini-resectors and needles of 5Fr. • 1 for the Bipolar use only with cut and coagulation, as well as cut, coagulation and vaporization in saline solution with mini-resectors, needles of 5Fr and Arthroscopy instruments.

They are controlled through a microprocessor with self-check at the activation, interruption in case of failures “Error codes”, and automatic self-regulation of the currents according to the tissues. They do not need any periodic calibration.

The front panel has got buttons with digital displays. The settings of the cut and coagulation currents are independent (micro-adjustment of the power: 1W from 0 to 30W, and then 2W), and they are stored and reestablished at the moment of the switching-on.

The safety circuit of the neutral electrode also controls the good contact on the tissues, by connecting the ones with the double section.

The footswitches do not have any electric current, and they work with the air. They can be used into the operating theatre; they are waterproof and antiexplosion. The models SU 140/D-MPC and SU 140/BD-MPC have got the very practical double pedal, in order to activate the cut and coagulation currents.

The Monopolar currents for the cut and coagulation can also be activated, into the models SU 140-MPC and SU 140/D-MPC, through the handles with two buttons. This mode allows the free activation of the unit: the Monopolar currents by the handle, and the Bipolar coagulation by the footswitch.

The units can be used in Gynaecology, Dermatology, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, ENT, Maxillo Facial Surgery, Dental Surgery, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology and in all the other surgeries (i.e. in Urologic coagulation under liquid or in Emergency).



PURE Pure Cut, suitable also for the use under liquid in small Hysteroscopy.

P PULSED Pure Pulsed Cut, suitable for very fine cuts, with a minimum thermal effect (i.e. for conizations in Gynaecology or Blepharoplasty); it is used also to reduce the smokes. BLEND Coagulating Cut.

B PULSED 1 Coagulating Pulsed Cut. Similar to BLEND, but indicated to reduce the thermal effect and the smokes.

B PULSED 2 Slow Coagulating Pulsed Cut. Similar to BLEND, but with slow pulses (i.e. for Polypectomies).

MICRO Delicate Coagulation, with low sparking effect.

M PULSED Delicate Micro-Coagulation, with single pulses, which are adjustable from 0.1sec to 1sec. It is indicated for all the micro-coagulations.

FULG Macro Coagulation “Fulguration” with strong sparking effect. It is indicated to coagulate all the tissues, even under liquid, and also to perform very coagulating cuts.

F PULSED Macro Coagulation “Fulguration”, with fast pulses. Similar to FULG, but more delicate. It is indicated to reduce the smokes.


BIPOLAR Bipolar Coagulation, to be used with forceps, scissors, double needle electrodes and laparoscopic instruments.


PURE Cut for the use in Open Surgery or Laparoscopy.

P PULSED Pulsed Fast Cut, suitable to obtain very fine results, a minimum thermal effect and a reduction of the smokes.

BLEND Coagulating Cut, with a higher thermal effect.

MACRO Coagulation, to be used with forceps, scissors, double needle electrodes and laparoscopic instruments.

M PULSED Pulsed Coagulation. Similar to MACRO, but more delicate and useful to reduce the smokes.

MICRO Micro-Coagulation, to be used with forceps, scissors, double needle electrodes and laparoscopic instruments.